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Who am I on the other side of the lens 

When you look back on your life
it's those little moments that turn out to be the big ones.
You know: your toddler's laugh.
A glance in love.
That goal that the team will talk about for years to come.
Immortalizing that moment, that's my specialty.

Are you insecure when you are in front of the lens?
Do you cramp in an unnatural position?
Then I am the photographer for you.

Naturally, I have a comforting effect.
In a few minutes I'll make you forget the camera.
Before you know it, you are spontaneously yourself again.
This is how the most beautiful photos are created - individually, as a couple or as a family.
Bet you even like it?


My style is deliberately natural.
I like to show the world authentically.
Discreetly I capture beauty with my camera.
Not over-posed, not over-processed.

I strive to capture deeply human moments.
That's why as one of the few photographers in Belgium I also do farewell photography
I believe in the tender beauty of documenting a funeral.

But I also enjoy portraying your event, family or location.
Photos give you memories to cherish.
I would be happy to help you immortalize it.

Feel free to send me an email.



What Clients Are Saying

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Ryan & Michelle

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